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Being blamed for accounts that aren't yours?

Learning that your private credit information has been stolen is traumatizing. Unfortunately, that is often only the beginning of the battle. Before you know it, debt collectors are calling you on the telephone, your credit score has dropped, and the credit bureaus won't listen when you tell them the accounts don't belong to you.

Don't Be a Victim - Fight Back!

Dealing with creditors, debt collectors, and credit bureaus can get so demoralizing that many people give up or declare bankruptcy. What those companies don't tell you is that you have rights! Under federal law, they're obligated to listen to you and take your claims of identity theft seriously. But they won't unless you make them.

I Can Help

My name is Ryan Peterson. I'm a Minnesota attorney and I devote a substantial portion of my practice to making banks and credit bureaus stop and listen to consumers who have fallen victim to identity theft. Through my experience and knowledge of applicable laws, I make those companies back off..and make them pay my clients money when they don't!


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