About Ryan

Identity Theft Victim Advocate

Ryan Peterson is a former debt collection attorney turned consumer rights expert and advocate. After graduating from William Mitchell law school in 2008, Ryan opened his own criminal defense firm.

In 2010 Ryan joined a Minneapolis-based debt collection firm. There, he quickly learned the nuances of rights and regulations regarding consumers. As time went on, Ryan developed a deep desire to work for consumers - to protect individuals who are wrongly treated, often knowingly, by big business and banking institutions. As Ryan frequently says, he’s grateful to practice law in a way that aligns with his personal beliefs. He values his relationship with clients and strives to partner with each individual to ensure a fair outcome.

Like all native Minnesotans, Ryan loves cabin time Up North. He is also a self-described “avid indoorsman” who enjoys cooking, reading, bar trivia, and board games. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife and daughter.


  • Wisconsin (2008)
  • Minnesota (2009)
  • Michigan (2012)
  • District of Minnesota (2012)
  • Northern District of Florida (2014)
  • Eastern District of Wisconsin (2015)
  • 11th Circuit (2017)